No more excuses – you have to get a Tablo

So it has been over two years now that I have cut the cord and I have no regrets. I have been using a Tablo for most of that time and I find it is a crucial part of me not regretting getting rid of my cable subscription. Now Tablo has released their Apple TV app that makes it even easier to watch live TV or previously recorded shows. You will need a 4th. generation Apple TV to use the app – but you should get one anyway.

UPDATE: Two days in with the new Tablo AppleTV app – all I can say is it is a huge leap forward and makes enjoying your Tablo all that more easy. Great features like integrated Siri – just say “Go ahead 2 minutes” and you skip all the commercials. They really did a great job with this app – straightforward and intuitive – fantastic.

UPDATE II: A month now with the new Tablo AppleTV app – still very happy – I was able to give a brief explanation of how it works to my Father in-law and he had no issues figuring out how to watch TV while I was not there. Seamless integration and reduction of complexity – they took the KISS mantra to heart!

Here is a great overview of how the Tablo app works with Apple TV – this video is brought to you by