What is XBMC TV?

When I was super keen after I cancelled my cable TV I was interested in other “Free” sources of TV shows and researched XBMC and thought it would be the answer to all my problems.  Well yes and no – XBMC is very cool and very handy piece of software, and once hooked up and running via a dedicated device like an Ouya there is a ton of stuff out there.

Now here is the bad – once I got it all setup and running I had to then explain and show it to the rest of the family.  I work in the tech business so I am comfortable with quirky user interfaces – the rest of my family – not so much.  I tried to teach them how to use it but they lost interest in about 2 minutes into my presentation.

In the end I stopped using it and have moved it to the basement bin of technology that is still good but I have no use for.  So is it a waste of time? No it is not – but know your audience/end user and if they are not technical it can be a uphill battle selling it to them.