How much I saved from my Rogers Cable Bill by cutting the cord

In the past every time I wanted to get rid of cable I would stop because the same thing would happen.  First I would get my bill and saw that the cable component was $67.34 a month and then I would think “OK I need to get rid of this!”. But then I would look closer at my bill and see that I was getting these discounts and it also applied to my Rogers Cable Internet bill so I would stop because in my mind it was cheaper to keep the cable TV because of all the discounts (I know flawed logic).

However now when I go over my old bill in detail – actually it was not cheaper to keep Cable TV nor cheaper to keep Rogers Internet.

Here is a complete breakdown taken directly from previous bills:

So this is what I was paying for Rogers Cable TV in 2014



This is what I was paying for Rogers Cable Internet:


So combined I was paying before taxes – Cable TV ($59.95) + Rogers Cable Internet ($68.87) – $128.82


Now let’s look at my current Internet cost


The invoice says – $68.99 before taxes but actually for most people you do not need the Static IP or /29 Subnet (I need this because I work from home and I could not get this from Rogers) – so with a Dry loop $5 a month (Basic Line) and unlimited Internet package for $49.99 – the cost is $54.99 before taxes.

So since I got rid of my Rogers Cable TV and my Rogers Internet Service I am saving $83.43 a month – ($73.83 + $9.60 tax) – and now I have unlimited Internet.

Annual savings $1001.16

Now you might be saying – well you had to get an Apple TV and Netflix and a Digital Antenna so that has costs – yes you are correct. Even when I had Rogers Cable TV I had Netflix and an Apple TV so in my case that argument does not apply to me. However yes I did have to install a Digital Antenna and buy some coaxial cable – just to put that into round numbers – that was $200 taxes in.


I sincerely do not want to come across as someone who hated my experience with Rogers Cable or Rogers Internet Services – both were fine and I received good service from them over the years. I willingly signed up for their service and they delivered what I asked for – no issues. As with everything on this site, I am just trying to give you some information about my experiences so that you can make up your own mind.