This FAQ is a collection of FAQ’s from other sites on the web and some FAQ’s that I had before I decided to get rid of my cable service.

What is cord cutting?

  • Cord cutting is the process of getting rid of your paid subscription to Cable or Satellite TV service by using antenna or streaming services to watch the shows you want.

Can I still watch sports without cable?

  • Yes. but not as many.  For hockey you can go to www.nhl.com and they have a yearly subscription.  At first it feels like it is way too expensive – but if you watch a lot of hockey it is worth it.

How much money will I save by cutting the cord?

  • That depends on how much you are spending right now.  I had basic cable and that was $45 a month so $540 per year minimum.

How much does it cost to cut the cord?

  • This also depends on your situation, but what you need is an digital antenna and coaxial cable.
    • RG6 Video Coaxial Cable, 50′ – $22.99 (Canadian Tire)
    • Futura HDTV Outdoor Antenna – $84.99 (Canadian Tire)

Can I use my old Rogers PVR without cable?

  • No.  I say no because when I tried it did not work and all of the research I did said that it did not work.  I bought a TabloTV PVR and it is 100 times better than my old Rogers PVR box – I highly recommend it – HERE is my write up about it.

Will I lose my channel selection if I cut the cord?

  • Yes and No.  In my case I ended up with a handful of stations – CBC,Global, CTV, Omni, CityTV, TVO – surprisingly that is fine.

What is over the air TV (OTA)?

  • A digital high definition broadcast signal that you can receive for free with an antenna.  I don’t know how old you are but when I was a kid we had what we called “Rabbit Ears” on the back of our TV and we got a signal and you got the basic channels for free.  OTA is the same concept however the signal is now digital and so the quality is fantastic.  I know this sounds crazy but the OTA signal that I get is better than the HD quality that I got when I had Rogers.

What is the best setup for my needs?

  • That really depends on yours needs.  My advice is to start small and just get the basic antenna put in and try that for a month.  From there you can decide if you need a DVR to record your shows or if you want to spend more money and get a bigger antenna.

Can I still watch my TV shows?

  • Yes and No.  I have found that i can find the shows I want to watch – for example – I really like”The Daily Show” – for that I go to Comedy Central and watch it there (http://www.thecomedynetwork.ca/shows/thedailyshow)

Will a digital antenna work with my TV?

  • Yes. Most TV’s purchased after 2007 will work with an over the air antenna without any additional equipment. If you have an older model TV you may need a converter box to receive the digital antenna signal.  BestBuy sells the Insignia™ – Digital TV Converter Box and it has some good reviews and it sells for $59.99.

What channels will I get with an antenna?

  • It depends on where you live – to check out what you will likely get I have a summary HERE

Will the picture quality be as clear as cable with an antenna?

  • Yes and it will be even clearer. Cable and satellite companies compress multiple channels into a signal which leads to a lower quality picture on your TV.

Do I need an antenna on my roof?

  • A roof antenna is a good idea because it offers you some of the most popular TV shows for free – that being said it does not have to be on your roof. Depending on your location you may be able to install an antenna in your attic or other parts of your home.

A buddy of mine said that I can’t get a TV signal with an antenna, is that true?

  • No. Your buddy is wrong.

Do I need an antenna for every TV in my house?

  • No. A centrally located antenna can hook up to all of your TV’s at the same time.

I live outside the city, can I still get an over the air signal with an antenna?

  • Yes.

I have an old antenna on my roof/attic. Will it work for my tv?

  • No.  You can try it but based on my research they do not work because they were designed for picking up analog signals and not digital ones – that being said it does not hurt to try. If you plug it in and get channels then you are good to go!

What is streaming?

  • Streaming is watching TV or movies through an internet connection with your computer or handheld device or through your TV with the aid of a streaming device like an Apple TV.

What streaming services are available?

  • In Canada there are two main streaming services; Netflix and iTunes.  Now before you go off on me – there are lots and lots of other services out there but the two main ones with the most selection are Netflix and iTunes.  I have tried to hookup Hulu and Amazon Prime but you need to be in the US and have a US billing address and that is a hassle to spoof.

What shows can I watch streaming?

  • There is a lot out there – it takes some time but you can find it if you do some googling.

How do I stream tv shows?

  • If you have an Internet connection you are nearly set. Your internet along with a streaming service subscription will allow you to watch your shows on your electronic devices.

What streaming device should I use?

  • I am a fan of Apple TV – it costs $100 and works well.  I have a write up HERE.