Cutting your Cable – think about upgrading your Internet connection

One of the reasons why I did not cut my cable for so long was that Rogers was also my Internet provider.  I was very happy with my Rogers Internet service and the idea of getting rid of something that worked for the unknown was one of the reasons I waited so long.  I had already got rid of my home phone line so I was somewhat reluctant to install a dry loop, (phone line), and get ADSL or Bell FIBE. 

However in the end I got a Internet connection with TekSavvy, which uses ADSL, and could not be happier.  What I really like about TekSavvy is that they have great, and I mean great, customer support and then on top of that they offer unlimited Internet for a small additional fee.  If you have several people in your household accessing Netflix, streaming music, watching YouTube videos at the same time – I suggest you go for unlimited Internet.  I have the 15/10 service and I have had no issues – here is a test I just ran.


Full Disclosure – I do not work for TekSavvy, nor does anyone I know – I have no affiliation with them other than as a customer.