So why did I buy a domain and create a website all about cutting the cord? Because when I was thinking about doing it I had a lot of questions and did not really get a lot of straight answers.

What I wanted to know was just how much of a pain would it be and what would it be like once it was done. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the antenna options and not sure about how much I was going to miss cable TV so for years I just kept paying for cable TV and put it off.

What I was pleasantly surprised with was that the signal quality is great – full HD TV and crystal clear. Do I miss cable TV – not too much – every now and then it would be handy or convenient to watch CNN or one of those renovation shows, but is it worth $800 a year – for me no.

Full Disclosure


Eric Dewhirst – Ottawa, On


I do not work for anyone or any product that I am either recommending or suggesting that you should buy. I also do not get any commission from any of the products I talk about. I do not generate any income from this site nor do I provide any consulting services related to “Cutting the Cord”. What I do want to do is help people out without a hassle.

Eric is also the President of Dignified Living, Canada’s only national bilingual senior care directory ( Dignified.ca ).